Adriana Gallegos

Adriana Gallegos
Communication Specialist

What personality characteristics are most important to be successful in PR?

“Being able to build and maintain good relationships. It’s all about relationship building.”

What motivates you?

“If in the end I’ve made some type of impact-whether it be small or big. As long as I was able to get one person to change his or her behavior about something I was promoting.”

What social media outlet helps a PR campaign the most: Facebook, Twitter, a blog, other? And why?

“I think Twitter is an awesome tool to connect with journalists. Today, journalists get a lot of their news from Twitter so it’s important to join them in the conversation.”

What’s the first thing you do when you learn about a new campaign?

“Research, Research, Research. I need to know about the target audience, the market, and the product/issue very well before launching a campaign.”