Brian Dab

Brian Dab
Student & Intern


Who’s the person you admire most in the public relations industry?

“Olivia Pope! Yes she and the entire show ‘Scandal’ is fictitious, but the qualities she portrays and instills in her associates – integrity, dedication, and quick-thinking to name a few – I hope to emulate in my own professional career.”

How do you handle stress and pressure?

“I make lists, plain and simple. “To do” lists have become my best friend in college both academically and professionally. It’s easiest for me to prioritize when I create detailed, arguably OCD-like, lists of things I need to accomplish and a timeline to do so.”

Describe a difficult work project and how you overcame it.

“This past semester at GW, I was the Marketing Coordinator for an organization that raises money to support a summer camp program for children suffering from cancer. Unfortunately due to some mismanagement, we didn’t really organize ourselves until two months prior to the event. That meant I had 60 days to run a strong marketing and fundraising campaign. I had to rely on other executive board members for information, reach out to my contacts for support on various tasks, and drive my own personal fundraising for an organization I am passionate about. I will never forget shifting into overdrive two weeks leading up to the event, scheduling social media promotion on HootSuite (my favorite tool) for every 3 hours. The way I found to tackle this intense project was to utilize every resource I could contact, because I knew I couldn’t do it alone.”

What is your PR dream job?

“It changes every day, but the common thread is that I want to be the face and spokesperson for someone or something. I want to strategically craft the message that gets communicated to the media and the public. I’m also a political science student and have always had an affinity for politics, so I would like to do something in political communication or public affairs. The two most recent iterations of my dream are to be the spokesperson for the Supreme Court or White House Press Secretary.”

Describe how the PR industry works in one word.