Elyssa Rae

Elyssa Rae
PR Associate


What’s your secret to being successful in PR in three words?

“To be successful in PR, you need to be motivated, organized and determined.”

What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve done in PR to date?

“Last year, I worked with the American Express Foundation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation for their Partners in Preservation project. The project spotlighted 25 historical place around DC in need of project funding. On the surface, the sites were competing for votes and funding from AmEx, but really, the goal was to reintroduce them to the community. Working with the passionate site leaders – whose faces lit up when we connected them with media or people went to visit – and seeing people talk about the places in conversation was so rewarding.”

What does ‘public relations’ mean to you?

“Public relations is about telling a story and conveying a message through the media, be it social, digital, broadcast or print.”

What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

“Be willing to step up, think outside the box and anticipate next steps.”

What motivates you?

“Everyone and everything has a story or message to convey – and I’m the one that helps them share it.”