Message from Lyons PR regarding Coronavirus

We’ve received several calls this week inquiring about how our services and capabilities have been affected in light of the current crisis, so I wanted to post an update here for clients or anyone considering a broadcast media campaign in the next couple weeks.

Please note: COVID-19 is obviously dominating newsrooms, and we are only taking on SMT/RMT projects that are newsworthy, timely and NON-OPPORTUNISTIC. We want to help get important, credible information out to people around the country as it relates to this crisis. This will primarily be vital information coming from non-profit organizations, trade associations and government agencies.

Here’s what has changed (and what hasn’t) as our services are concerned.

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) — Several of our studio partners around the country (including DC, NYC, LA, Boston, etc.) continue to operate for satellite media tours in order to broadcast important information. In the DC area we are also able to produce remote SMTs. Of course the health of our staff, crew and clients is paramount, and we are taking all possible precautions and measures to keep everyone involved safe.

If a local studio is not an option, we can connect with our SMT spokesperson a few different ways. Skype (or similar) is proving popular as long as there’s a strong internet connection and clean audio is available. From there the SMT would operate much as it always does, as we would produce the SMT and connect with stations and networks around the country. And for those clients who have access to a LiveU, insert studio or ReadyCam, we are able to take that feed and produce the SMT as we normally would.

Radio Media Tours (RMTs) — With a solid phone line or Skype connection, the spokesperson doesn’t need to leave home to conduct the RMT. Our RMT service remains unaffected besides working with incredibly busy and short-staffed newsrooms, but once again, the topic needs to be relevant and useful to the public as it concerns COVID-19.

Video Production & Webcasting — We are working with clients to provide creative solutions to produce video messages and webcasts/video conferences under our new limitations. We are helping clients turn live events into online events, and solutions include moderated webcasts and supported video conferences where we provide full technical support and help these video events accomplish a more professional and polished look and feel. 

The next few months will be challenging, to say the least, for all of us as we navigate this unprecedented crisis. All of us at Lyons PR wish everyone good health as we face these challenges head on.

Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons

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