B-Roll Production

B-Roll Productions

Lyons PR B-Roll Packages maximize your exposure by reaching multiple networks, stations and producers  with a pre-produced – but locally customizable – message. Complement your Satellite Media Tour and reinforce your message with a 2-3 minute b-roll video which often includes several soundbites. This professional produced, high-definition footage is distributed to broadcast and online outlets nationwide, with several opportunities for localization.

Government agencies, non-profits, trade organizations and corporations use Lyons PR B-Roll Packages to target specific geographic regions and large national audiences.

Our inclusive B-Roll production and distribution services will help create compelling video, get the b-roll package into the hands of decision makers at TV and online broadcast outlets, and exponentially expand the reach of your campaign.

B-Roll service includes:

  • Help crafting your story, including news angle and video storyboarding
  • Full video production capabilities
  • Drafting a media advisory
  • Targeting appropriate stations and networks
  • Personal and persuasive pitching
  • All distribution in variety of downloadable formats
  • Final broadcast usage report

To learn more about Lyons PR video services watch our demo reel or contact the Lyons PR team today at (301) 942-1306.