Organization: Al Anon Family Groups
Title: Father’s Lament
Description: Al-Anon Family Groups remind radio listeners that to help the problem drinker in your life, you must first help yourself. Al Anon offers support groups for parents, children, family, friends—anyone affected by someone elses drinking or alcohol abuse. In this one minute radio PSA, a father who is frustrated by his son’s drinking turns to Al-Anon for help.
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PSA Script: My son was drinking too much. When did he spiral out of control? Should I have seen the warning signs? Somehow I felt I was responsible for his drinking. I was very frustrated and knew I had to get help. When I came to Al-Anon, I wanted to straighten out my son’s life. His drinking was tearing our family apart.In Al-Anon family groups I found people who understood and cared, because they were dealing with the same problems I was. My first Al-Anon meeting gave me hope and the knowledge that I was not alone.Before you can help the problem drinker in your life, you need to help yourself first. for an Al-Anon family group meeting near you call 1-888-4Al-ANON, 1-888-425-2666. Online at That’s

A message from Al-Anon Family Groups.

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