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A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is a time-efficient and cost-effective method for your spokesperson to spread your organization’s message to desired, targeted regions or throughout the country in just a few hours. The RMT consists of a series of five-to-eight minute telephone interviews and can be conducted just about anywhere as long as a quiet room is available. Our experienced staff will also be on the line throughout the Radio Media Tour to help everything run smoothly.

Radio Media Tours can target specific geographic regions, select radio formats, or a large national audience. Our RMT success lies in our media contacts. Our seasoned publicists know radio and are on a first-name basis with radio station news directors and producers across the country, and have the ability to get your interview on the air.

Radio Media Tour vendor service includes:

  • Drafting a media advisory and suggested interview questions
  • Targeting appropriate stations and networks
  • Personal and persuasive pitching
  • All teleconferencing costs
  • Moderating all interviews
  • Private page online posting
  • 100% follow-up with participating outlets
  • Final broadcast usage report

Radio Media Tour Tips & Resources

How to Pitch Radio Media Tour Interviews
How are RMT Interviews Used
Preparing for your Radio Media Tour
Radio Media Tour Interviewing Tips

How are interviews used?
Interviews are either live or taped. In many instances, outlets will pull soundbites from taped interviews and run them in newscasts throughout the day.

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