NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski conducts a Satellite Media Tour from the Atlanta Motor Speedway

Whether conducted from a studio location from the bustling heart of downtown, or on-location from its historic landmarks and neighborhoods, Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia region provide an inspiring setting for many Lyons’ satellite media tours.

From finance and healthcare to sports and entertainment, we produce satellite media tours, or SMTs, in Atlanta and the surrounding areas that cater to a wide range of clients and industries.

Our versatile Satellite Media Tour production options include In-Studio, On-Location, and Virtual Media Tours, all designed to meet the unique needs of our Atlanta-based clients. Our dedicated project team combines local expertise with a global perspective, delivering customized strategies and individualized attention for each Satellite Media Tour.

Atlanta, often referred to as “The Hollywood of the South,” has drawn actors, athletes, industry leaders, subject matter experts, and brand ambassadors to collaborate with Lyons on Satellite Media Tours.

Whether looking to promote a new campaign, brand integration or consumer education, Lyons’ Satellite Media Tours in Atlanta offer the perfect platform to engage with target audiences around the country.

An example of one of just one our Atlanta Satellite Media Tours:

NASCAR Satellite Media Tour

NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski conducts a Satellite Media Tour from the Atlanta Motor Speedway

Overview: Live from the Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski spoke to networks and local affiliates around the country about the importance of proper tire maintenance during National Tire Safety Week. Working with the Penske Racing team and the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Lyons conducted the satellite media tour during a practice day with cars going 180 mph in the background. The setting made for an unforgettable SMT, reaching tens of millions of viewers around the country in just a few hours.