A satellite media tour is a series of back-to-back TV, radio and online interviews conducted with affiliates, stations, and networks across the country during the course of several hours. Conducted from either a studio or field location, a satellite media tour, or SMT, is one of the most effective tools an organization or brand can use to reach key audiences nationwide. Critical to success however, is choosing the right satellite media tour company as your partner.

So whether it’s your first SMT or your 100th, make sure you’ve done your research and asking the right questions of potential satellite media tour companies.

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Avoid the “factory” approach – When selecting the company to work with for your SMT, be sure to look into their portfolio to determine their credibility, and to ensure they are the right fit for your project. Browse the company website, pick up the phone or even schedule a face-to-face meeting to get a better idea of their work, their people, their results, and their ideas for your campaign. Look out for companies with the “factory” approach to SMTs. You want to work with a Satellite Media Tour company that treats each project individually and will take the time to truly understand your topics and goals, conducts additional research to create a fully formed story, and won’t rely on the same handful of outlets for every media tour.

Look out for “Yes Men” – When approaching firms that specialize in satellite or radio media tours, it’s important to be open to their opinions and suggestions about your potential project. Some companies will take on any SMT or RMT regardless of whether it fits the criteria for success. Seek out a firm that is open and honest about your plans and goals, and one that takes the time to offer ideas on how to craft and strengthen the story for TV and radio audiences.

Establish a budget – Having a budget in mind will help get you and the companies you’re considering on the same page. Costs of an Satellite Media Tour can vary substantially based on things like location and spokesperson, and having a budget in mind from the beginning will help a seasoned SMT company suggest a solution that not only meets your outreach goals, but stays on budget as well.

Who’s gonna be there? – Another key question to ask — “Who will be onsite the day of the satellite media tour?” Choose a company that ensures the project manager and other key personnel that you work with from the inception of the SMT throughout the entire campaign will also be there on SMT day. It’s key to have experienced producers and projects managers on hand to tackle any issues that arise, know the ins-and-outs of a particular project, and ensure the experience is seamless and successful for all involved.

Results, results, results – Finally, ask for case studies, previous outlets booked and sample reports when selecting a company to work with. Look for an SMT company that offers not only a solid return on investment, but one that can provide a track record of solid interview examples that you would be proud to include on your next satellite media tour schedule.

So keep these few things in mind before heading into your next SMT, and with the right partner, your campaign will be a success!

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