What makes a Satellite Media Tour Successful?

What makes a Satellite Media Tour Successful?

Satellite Media Tours tackle just about every possible subject you can think of.  But when considering a satellite media tour as part of your next broadcast outreach campaign, there are three main criteria that are key in determining the success that your SMT will have. If the answer is yes to two or more of these criteria, then your satellite media tour will be primed for the airwaves.

1. Is the topic newsworthy?
An SMT should be timely, interesting or entertaining. Your Satellite Media Tour needs to be able to clearly answer those all important questions of “Why” and “Why now” in just a sentence or two.

2. Talent
The spokesperson or “talent” is crucial. An “A” list celebrity, athlete or someone with instant name recognition can quickly fill up your satellite media tour schedule. For lesser known talent, credibility and expertise is key, and be prepared to make a compelling case of why this person deserves to be on the air.

3. Location, Location, Location
Whenever the story warrants, and if one of the first two criteria fall short, consider leaving the studio and conducting the satellite media tour from a remote location. An interesting location that offers compelling visuals to viewers is a great avenue to strengthen your Satellite Media Tour and secure interviews.

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